Our partners

Thanks to our networks, some of our companies or clients have been touched by the story of Marie and these families and they have decided to accompany us.

Find out about our partners and why they are supporting us.

If you want to join us, read the section " Why joining us".

Private sector

Public Sector

Marie-Caroline, présence de Marie notre étoile à Puteaux

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The town of Meudon is helping us in 2021 by providing us with a stand at the market

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Levallois-Perret City Hall Since 2020, the city of Levallois-Perret has been supporting the Marie Notre Etoile association.

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The city of Neuilly sur Seine is an active partner of the association.

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Why joining us ?

Sanitary, economic, financial, social, ecological, political crisis ... the news has been going round and round since the outbreak of the Covid-19 last year. The challenges for our generation are simply enormous. One thing is sure: Inventing the world of the 21th century will not be the business of a superman who will bring light to humanity!


Everyone understands that it is neither the state apparatus, through coercion, nor the trade union world through the balance of power that will provide an answer to these major challenges. The first having a natural tendency to focus on the next electoral deadlines and the second, whose biological clock has remained stuck on the great labor battles of the 19th century, is not up to the challenge.

We believe that the associative world, whether it is sports, cultural or charitable can provide a beginning of an answer. Our partners who support us have understood this. These companies reinvent themselves every day and offer their employees a motivating and sustainable project that is not limited to revenue, return on equity or net income.


"The company's footprint is not only economical and ecological. It is also territorial, social, societal and ethical" wrote Alexandre Malafaye. At the request of their employees, many HR managers have installed a table soccer table in the cafeteria. It's a good start, but it's not enough to respond to the increasingly pressing quest for meaning of entire generations who have known only the Crisis. The companies that support us have perfectly integrated the semantic shift from value sharing, which focuses on the balance of power between the remuneration of capital and labor, towards the sharing of values.

The aim is to show that the Company is also and above all a project that unites men and women around authentic values such as Hope, Courage, Commitment, Solidarity, Perseverance, Innovation, Accountability....

So if you share our values, JOIN US !!!!

How ?

The modalities of the support brought to Marie Notre Étoile can be:

So don't wait any longer and contact us!!!