Clara's fight

Since I was in second grade, I had been suffering from pain in my shoulder, which seemed to be muscular in origin. In this logic, many sessions of physiotherapy and osteotherapy were prescribed, without result. Indeed, it is only in the senior class, on September 3, 2019 following an MRI and a CT scan, that the radiologist identifies a ball, the size of a golf ball, at the level of the 5th thoracic vertebra which corresponds to a bone tumor and which explains the chronic pain. The biopsy performed a few weeks later revealed that it was an osteosblastoma, which is a benign tumor. The anxiety subsides momentarily.

Nevertheless, the second biopsy performed following the first operation in December 2019 at the Georges Pompidou European Hospital will conclude that it is an osteosblastoma-like osteosarcoma. A malignant tumor but assimilated to a low grade osteosarcoma. Alas, this was not the case because it was a high-grade osteosarcoma. This conclusion will be final and will only be reached until after the second emergency operation performed in May 2020 in the context of an early recurrence.

This will be followed by a first course of chemotherapy at the Curie Institute in June and a second one in July 2020, the very disappointing results of which led the medical team to change strategy and initiate a course of 27 radiotherapy sessions.

A third course of chemotherapy will be initiated in September before the operation on October 20, 2020 to remove the 3 vertebrae affected by the tumor. Despite all the difficulties of such an operation lasting seven hours, it is a success and a fourth session of chemotherapy can then be initiated.

Unfortunately, a few days later, the scar became disunited, forcing the surgeons to perform a 4th operation with a skin graft and displacement of the large dorsal muscle in order to strengthen the scar, which had been weakened by the treatments.

Today I am in remission and I awaiting my 5th operation which hopefully will be the last. This will consist in consolidating the implant that came to replace the removed vertebrae by a bone autograft.

The chain of solidarity triggered by my illness is just incredible and it is simply overwhelming to realize it. There are no words to describe the dedication of all the hospital staff and of course to thank the surgeons who operated on me.

They all deserve immense respect and I have boundless gratitude for them. So please support them by making a donation for pediatric cancer research.

A few words from our volunteers

Gregory loves sports and is a top athlete:

Recently made aware of the cause of children's cancer, I decided to get even more involved in 2020 when I learned that a colleague's daughter and their family were going to have to fight against the disease. As a regular runner, I don't hesitate to wear the colors of children without cancer during my training sessions, hoping to raise awareness for this cause.

It's been 4 years since I got involved in the adventure with Vincent, my colleague and friend. 4 years that I don't regret ... because it allowed me : * to talk to my children about what other less fortunate children go through, * to run with them so that they understand volunteerism, * Meet neighbors at the market or colleagues at Coffee Corner to raise awareness, * Meet with families who are struggling but have the strength to see that everything still needs to be done, * Teaming up with Marie Notre Etoile volunteers and using my talents as a webmaster.
So I have no regrets and look forward to exceeding our fundraising goals and running those few miles together.