Marie died on September 17, 2014 from cancer, she had just turned 15 years old.


In December 2012, Marie, 13 years old, noticed a lump in her thigh rapidly evolving. After examinations and biopsy, the oncologists of the pediatric department of the Gustave Roussy Institute announced to us in early February 2013 that it was a rare tumor, at the time related to Ewing's sarcoma (CiC Dux 4) .


Marie then begins a long fight, with a protocol of 4 days of chemotherapy every 3 weeks for 12 months, interspersed with a major surgery, 6 weeks of radiotherapy, transfusions .....

Her tumor, initially located in the thigh, spread to the lungs in June 2014 after a 3-month remission period. Marie was one of the few teenagers to join the MOSCATO trial, which uses high-throughput analysis techniques to obtain a molecular portrait of each patient's tumor and thus direct them to more suitable targeted therapies. From June to September 2014 Marie benefited from 3 different specific protocols which were unsuccessful ...

But above all, Marie was an angel's face, an unforgettable smile, boundless energy, but also a young girl with discretion and restraint. 

She got involved in life with that determination that only those who knew her could see. We knew what she demanded of herself in everything she undertook, her personal work, sports and even in her sincere friendships.

Marie, you astonished us in your life and throughout your illness with your strength, your resistance, your will, your courage, your endurance mixed with a form of recklessness despite the suffering.

Marie Notre Étoile was born out of our commitment to continue her fight against disease in her name Marie, quite a symbol! associated with a star, her signature when she was little… and it is this star guiding us in this great adventure!

"Marie Notre Étoile" aims to give more life expectancy to all sick children and teenagers by raising funds for pediatric cancer research.

To this end, we participate in the "Children without Cancer - Imagine for Margo" race to fund research against childhood cancer.

Corinne Rudloff

Michel Rudloff

In memory of Marie ...