Our governance

Cancer is the leading cause of death by disease in children, and every death is a tragedy. 

Every year lives are cut short and families shattered. Many of them courageously continue the fight to give meaning to what has no meaning and to give hope. Indeed, there are many associations founded by these families whose mission is to fight against childhood cancer. It is respectable but we often notice a loss of energy and efficiency.

That is why, since its origin, Marie Notre Etoile made the choice to rely on Imagine for Margo in order to benefit from all the technical and logistical support offered, for maximum efficiency. The volunteers of the association Marie Notre Etoile focus solely on public awareness and fundraising. Imagine for Margo manages the national communication, organizes the annual race and ensures that the funds collected via the Alvarum platform are used, be paid back at 100%.without collection costs, to research programs selected by a scientific committee of undisputed credibility.

This is how more than 700.000 euros have been collected since the launch of the association Marie Notre Etoile without a single euro being charged as collection fees. It is difficult to do better! Even better, these funds are directed towards the best research teams in the framework of European calls for projects. Their work is regularly published.

This commitment is essential to maintain the trust of the association's volunteers, our donors and our partners.