Marie Notre Étoile


Children without cancer

All together, let's support scientific research against children's cancer

We have just passed 1 million euros collected in 8 years

Since 2016, in memory of Marie, a team has grown around her family and get involved each year to raise funds to contribute to research against pediatric cancers, which today affect one in 400 children before the age of 15.

1ere chaine de collecte depuis 2020, l’équipe autour de Corinne, Michel, Elodie et Paul a collecté depuis les débuts plus de 1.00.000 € consacrés entièrement à la recherche sur les cancers pédiatriques. 

Family, friends, colleagues, sponsors... thank you for your support and participation. 


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Funds raised since 2016

We have just passed 1 million euros collected in 8 years

All good wills are welcome to help us raise funds for pediatric cancer research. 

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