2022 - A fundraising record for our team - new developments to achieve this - loyal partners who support us - in short a great year also by the number of collectors and sponsors.

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Find out below the different activities we have carried out for the 2022 campaign.

As in previous years, we were present on the local markets in partnership with the town halls of our places of life,  by animating a stand and by meeting the inhabitants. Each time, this gives rise to beautiful exchanges and allows us, in addition to collecting a few euros, to talk about children's cancers and to raise awareness about this cause which is so dear to us. 

We also carry out this kind of approach in schools during fairs in conjunction with parent-teacher associations. Childhood cancer affects 1 in 440 children before the age of 15, which sadly means that every teaching institution can have a family in this situation. Our bear Baloo is a faithful companion that makes it easier for us to explain our fight to the children. 

This year, we have innovated and launched projects that were on our minds over the last two years of confinement: a golf open, a classical music concert and participation to a basketball game... Great, isn't it?