First fundraising chain 2021

Whether you experienced it live from the park in Saint-Cloud or in connected mode, Sunday was just exceptional with a record of donations for both our team and the national fundraising. We reached this year €157.000 which no other team had been able to achieve in the 10 years since the race was created. 

This is of course a great joy that rewards all your mobilization and all the work done during the 2021 campaign. 

Even better, the national collection has exceeded 2 M€, and this had never happened before either, our contribution has weighed in this overall success.

As you may know, this sum will finance the 5 research programs selected at the beginning of the year (see details at the end of this email). This means hope for innovative treatments for children suffering from these diseases.

 I would therefore like to thank you all for the incredible mobilization you have shown throughout the campaign. You are just amazing and it makes me so proud to be part of this team.

Thanks again to our corporate sponsors without whom this mobilization and this result would not be possible:

Of course we will start again it again next year and I hope, now that the health situation allows it, the possibility to organize more ambitious events for the benefit of the association. There is no lack of ideas and if you wish to participate, please contact me! Good will is welcome. 

 Thank you, THANK YOU, for your commitment to support research against pediatric cancers. 

See you soon


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