The progress of our 2021 fundraising

This article aims to share with you our progress throughout the fundraising for 2021 – updated October 3, 2021.

You can see below the evolution of the collection since the Marie Notre Etoile team has been in existence. As you can see, the amount collected is highly dependent on the number of collectors and each drop of water is important, so thank you for your help.


Our goal for 2021 was officially €100,000, but since we had reached €112,000 last year, we were all motivated to break the count and exceed this figure, which still seemed unattainable.

€157,350 in 2021 fundraising result – we couldn't believe it and thanks to all of our collectors and corporate sponsors, we got there. We are very happy to be able to contribute to research and give hope to the families of children affected by these diseases.

Our website was created to communicate about our initiatives, to highlight the help brought by our public and private partners, and if possible to create new events with new volunteers. We are happy to have attracted more than 2,800 visitors to this website since its launch in February 2021.

France comes first in terms of visitors, but as ImagineForMargo is now working on a European level, we are proud to have a website in English and to date have more than 10% of our visitors coming from Switzerland, England, the United States, Belgium or Germany. 

Feel free to share our website on social networks or by messaging - our site is mobile responsive.

See you soon for new figures.

Thomas (webmaster)

1 réflexion sur “La progression de notre collecte 2021”

  1. Bravo à tous, la collecte est à 38 000 euros le 2 juillet et 40 000 euros le 3 juillet 2021,
    En avant avec Marie Notre Etoile et toute l’équipe !

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