Retrospective 2022 by Gérald Karsenti - CEO SAP France

"Marie Notre Etoile's mission is to increase the life expectancy of all sick children and adolescents by raising funds for pediatric cancer research.

SAP has been a historical sponsor of Marie Notre Etoile for more than 5 years. This year, we have raised €223,000 through fundraising campaigns launched with Imagine For Margo / Children without Cancer, with the help of SAP and its many partners. This represents more than €700,000 since 2016 donated to projects selected by Imagine For Margo!!!

Gérald Karsenti, CEO of SAP France, looks back on this fabulous year and invites us to mobilize for 2023 so that tomorrow there will be no more children dying of cancer.

Best wishes for 2023.

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