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19 September 2021

Marie Notre Etoile's team ends its 2021 fundraising campaign today with a very nice event organized in Goincourt thanks to the local Tennis Club chaired by Yannick Sutra (on my left in the picture).

A nice weather, numerous activities, original ideas for fundraising, support of the local town hall and the general council, great encounters, strong mobilization of the club's volunteers, everything came together to make this day a success. The results are very positive and tonight, 3.240€ will be credited to the fundraising of Marie Notre Etoile. Tonight, the energy deployed by the whole team allows us once again to beat our fundraising record of last year! It is a great satisfaction.

I would like to take advantage of this article to warmly thank all the actors of this beautiful day including Thomas (on my right on the picture) who was systematically present from the beginning to the end of the campaign, Yannick and his wife (1st from the left on the picture), as well as all the volunteers of the Goincourt Tennis club.

Let's meet next Sunday to celebrate together the end of this magnificent campaign where so many volunteers of the team have devoted themselves without sparing.

Thanks to Imagine for Margo for making this great collective adventure possible.

Go, Fight, Win


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