A BIG Thank You

Dear team, dear all,

The Marie notre Étoile team achieved the feat of raising 222 000 euros (700.000 euros in 7 years), a goal achieved at 150% , with a first step on podium. This fantastic achievement is yours, a big thank you!



The link of the live (You tube) to see and relive the important moments of the connected race: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPAJpAzt6BI.

  • 2:01 - Start of the podium of the fundraising teams
  • 2:05 - message for Clara and her 20th birthday
  • 2:10 - team podium
  • 2:42 - handing over the check for pediatric cancers research 

Attached is the Imagine For Margo link to the beautiful photos (many of you are in them).

We will be thrilled to meet you on 24 Septembre 2023 for the 12th edition of the Children without Cancer Race to continue the fight.

Once again, a big thank you for your investment alongside us to fund children cancers research.
To our stars Marie, Camille and Clara for her fight

Corinne, Michel, Elodie, Paul, Vincent, Thomas and of course the whole team "Marie notre Étoile".

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