Institut Gustave Roussy - Opening of the BIOMEDE 2 trial

BIOMEDE 2, a therapeutic hope in infiltrating glioma of the brain stem

The BIOMEDE 2.0 trial is financially supported by the French National Cancer Institute, Imagine for Margo, and the Gustave Roussy Foundation as part of the "Curing Childhood Cancer in the 21st Century" campaign. It involves 10 European countries and 368 adult and pediatric patients newly diagnosed with malignant glioma over the next 4 years.


Key figures

  • 10-15% of malignant brain tumors in children are infiltrating brainstem gliomas.
  • These gliomas are the leading cause of death from brain tumors in children.
  • There are 100 new cases per year in France of infiltrating brainstem gliomas and related tumors, including adults and children