For 2023, we have a lot of ideas that we have broken down into A.L.P.H.A.B.E.T.projects, so here are the initiatives to surpass our 2022 record and once again compete for the top spot on the Children Without Cancer 2023 podium.



B for Basketball

Comme l’année dernière, nous reconduisons le partenariat avec les Metropolitans de Boulogne-Billancourt, qui nous ont sponsorisés pour un match le 28 mars 2023 – plus de 2.300 € de collecte avec une grande tombola avec un maillot de Metros comme 1er prix.



C for Concert

Suite aux nombreux retours positifs de l’édition 2022, nous avons l’accord de la mairie de Levallois-Perret  pour planifier la deuxième édition du concert « Des Voix pour Marie » en partenariat avec la Mairie de Levallois-Perret et des services techniques, la société SAP et ses partenaires. Réservez votre date du mardi 19 Septembre 2023.



E for Enterprise

It is very important to have companies, works councils and foundations on our side because they make it easier for us to meet employees and benefit from their partnerships to initiate new projects, like the concert or the golf open.

This allows us to be known, to be joined by runners and collectors 



G for Golf

The first edition of the Open de Golf des Etoiles was a great success with the help of the Golf de Val-Secret and partnerships with technology companies.

La seconde édition est déjà planifiée – le samedi 9 Septembre 2023 pour attirer plus de monde !!! 



L for Lottery

A first this year, a great day Loto with our friends of Goincourt and a great school ...

Projet repoussé à l’année prochaine



M for Market

The markets are a great opportunity to meet new people and raise awareness for our cause. We hope to benefit from the support of the town halls of Neuilly sur Seine, Levallois-Perret, Meudon and Charenton-le-pont.

But we would love to benefit from new partnerships in new markets - why not yours???




N for social Networks !

It's a lot of work to animate the different social networks but it's mandatory to inform and reach a maximum audience. We even have a Ticketac profile to sell concert tickets!

We are looking for animators for this project to launch the Tik Tok channel of marie notre étoile.



S for Secret

It is a project in gestation but if it works, it could explode the counters - it is a project of meeting and partnership... but isn't it the characteristics of all our projects? 



T for Tennis

In 2020, we had launched an initiative in the Oise with the participation of the coaches of TEB - The Tennismen Enseignants du Beauvaisis, which continued in 2022 with the realization of magnets and key rings. Our presence at the big flea market was a great event.



V for Vendredi

Vendredi (Friday !) is a new platform for finding volunteers - so we'll try to find a way to help...



This could have been project Y Y for... Yours.

X This is the project that is not yet identifiedbut which is still in the back of your mind. A project that would allow you, by joining us, to get involved with a small friendly team and to bring to your family and your company a meaningful cause 

So contact us and let's fill in the letters of the alphabet together to launch your initiative!

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