FAQ - Des Voix pour Marie

How to access the Ravel room?

Address: 33 Rue Gabriel Péri, 92300 Levallois-Perret

 Public transportation: 

Bus : Numbers « 163 » « 174 » « 93 » « 94 »

TER : « L » train

Métro : line « 3 »

Are there nearby parking facilities?

Yes, you can park your car in the public car park located under the town hall of Levallois-Perret. 

Does the concert have the capacity to accommodate people with reduced mobility?

Yes, a certain number of seats are provided to accommodate people with reduced mobility. 

What happens if the concert is cancelled due to a pandemic?

All arrangements will be made to reschedule the concert as soon as possible. In this case, all the details of the postponement of the event will be communicated to you.

Is the concert reserved exclusively for SAP's partners in France?

No, the concert hall has 400 seats and is open to everyone. People from other companies can also attend. 

What are the pre-payment options?

Prepayment will be possible by check or bank transfer. The association's bank details are provided on request. (Imagine for Margo).

How does the pre-registration process work?

The pre-registration process is done via the form available at the following address within the limits of available seats: https://marie-notre-etoile.org/concert-levallois-perret/

We will contact you as soon as we receive the form to prepare the call for donations.

What will I receive as a ticket?

We will send a numbered ticket for each person registered. One ticket will give access to the show and a separate ticket will give access to the cocktail.

When will I receive confirmation of my pre-registration?

Confirmation of registration will be sent upon receipt of funds.

How do I distribute them to my employees and guests? Is there an electronic ticket?

At this early stage, we are on a paper format, but we are studying the possibility of dematerializing the tickets in order to issue an electronic ticket usable on a mobile phone.

Will I have separate tickets for the concert and for the cocktail?

Yes, there will be 2 separate tickets.

Will a tax certificate be provided?

Yes, a tax certificate for the donation and an invoice for the catering service.

What will the cocktail include?

You will be offered a cocktail reception that will take place in the town hall of Levallois-Perret which is located opposite the Ravel room.

Are the seats numbered?

No, the seats are not numbered. The room will therefore be filled according to the arrival time of the guests.

Who will be the singers performing at this event?

  • Guillaume Dussau :  Bass
  • Marjorie Muray – Motte : Soprano
  • Yana Boukoff : Mezzo
  • Juan Noval-Moro : Tenor
  • Sylvie Barret Nagrodski : Pianist

How will my contribution help cancer research?

Each year, the best research teams respond to the "Imagine for Margo" call for projects. You are therefore participating in advancing research against pediatric cancers by allowing us to raise funds during the concert, which will be allocated in full to the selected projects.

Can I buy tickets directly on site?

No, seats are sold exclusively in advance.